29 $45  SAVE 35%

29 $45  SAVE 35%

"Instantly Changes Your Walks From a Struggle to Enjoyable and Effortless..."
Are you tired of being taken for a walk by your dog? Has it gotten to the point where you can't even walk past another dog or person without having to grip for your life? Do you get embarrassed every time your dog lunges out? Has it drained all the fun out of your walks to the point where you actually dread going for walks?

Don't worry. It's not your fault (or your dog's). You simply have the wrong tool for the job.

You see regular collars and harnesses that attach on the back of a dog actually encourage your dog to pull. The moment you apply any tension to the leash, your dogs natural balance is disturbed causing them to want to pull forward to stay on their feet. And the harder you pull, the harder your dog needs to pull.

The 'Stop the Pull' dog harness safely and gently discourages this natural pulling instinct. The secret lies in its unique front-chest lead attachment that eliminates this backwards tension and instead uses your dogs weight to your advantage - steering your dog to the side and redirecting his/her attention towards you.

Your walks are more relaxed and more fun. Your dog is healthier and happier. You can once again feel proud to walk beside a well behaved and calm dog. And best of all this change is almost instant - with no need for any training. And all this for much less than the cost of just one session with a dog trainer.
Here's Why the 'Stop the Pull' Harness is Working So Well On Dogs Of All Breeds & Sizes
  • Puts You In Complete Control: The secret to the 'Stop the Pull' harness lies in it's unique front chest lead attachment. By positioning the clip on the front of the harness it eliminates the backwards tension found in other collars and harnesses and positions your dog naturally by your side. Think of it like a steering wheel for your dog. This gives you much greater control over your dog resulting in a well behaved dog that walks calmly by your side. You can walk proudly beside your dog without the constant tug of war you have become accustomed to.
  • Easy to Put On and Take Off: Simply slip the harness over your dogs head and secure the two conveniently placed buckles on either side of the belly -- and you're good to go. No more annoying foot dance trying to get your dog to step into a harness and no more trying to reach under your dog to find hidden clips. This ensures both you and your dog start off each walk in a nice calm and relaxed state and you're out the door in just minutes. No more having to dread walk time.
  • Gentle on Your Dogs Body: This harness has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure all finished seams are stitched on the exterior, away from your dogs body. This means you don't have to worry about rough edges rubbing against your dogs sensitive skin. It also means no unnecessary walking rash, chafing or cuts. This harness also does not use pressure or squeezing to get the job done, reducing the strain and tension and resulting in a more calm and relaxed walk.
  • Fits Your Dog Like a Glove: The 5 separate adjustment points on this harness allow you to get the most comfortable and reliable fit for your dog, no matter the size or breed. Unlike other harnesses that can end up fitting like a pair of grandmas knickers, this harness is made to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. A snug custom fit also means this harness is virtually escape proof, which is perfect for those 'houdini' dogs that always manage to wriggle and slip out of other poorly fitting harnesses.
  • Reduces Health Complications: This harness eliminates all of the unnecessary health complications that result from the constant tension and tug of war struggle caused by regular collars and harnesses. This harness has also been carefully designed to fit the natural contours of your dog. Unlike many other harnesses that sit low above your dogs shoulders and restrict the movement and development of their legs, this harness allows your dog total freedom of movement so their muscles grow nice and strong.
  • Super Strong and Durable: This harness is made from only the highest grade 100% pure nylon webbing giving the ultimate in strength and durability. Our nylon has all passed a purity test, a pulling test, and a resistance to oxidation and corrosion test. You can be sure this material won't stretch or easily break like many other cheaper options on the market. No longer do you have to worry when walking down the side of a busy road that your dog might slip out of the harness or worse still, the harness breaks.
  • No Learning Curve: It just works the moment you put it on. See, stopping your dog from pulling is less about training and more about using the right tool. This harness uses your dogs natural motion to your advantage allowing you to control the direction and speed of your dog rather than always being forced to pull back and create tension. It's no coincidence that all large animals such as horses and elephants are all led by the front too.
  • Protects Your Dog While Travelling: This harness includes a second d-ring located on the back of your dog allowing you to properly restrain your dog when travelling in a vehicle. In the unfortunate event of an accident you can rest assure knowing your dog is not going to go flying through the car and also won't take all the force on their neck like regular collars would.
  • Easy to Clean: Let's face it. Dogs are not meant to stay clean... and they seem to know that better than we do. This harness is machine washable so it's an absolute synch to clean after a muddy afternoon at the park. This ensures your dog will always look it's best.
Stops the Pull OR Your Money Back
Shop with confidence with our 100% money back guarantee. Let us ship you this harness today and try it out for 7 days. Either see a dramatic improvement in your dogs pulling or we will refund your full purchase price. Yes, your satisfaction is our priority.
"The First Time He Wore It, the Pulling Stopped..."
This works great on my 70lb pit. This has been a life-saver for us, from the very first moment he wore it, the pulling just disappeared. I can now enjoy walking him and I think he enjoys the walks more too. No more wrestling matches. Thank you!

- Stacy Wright (Vancouver, Canada)
"This Is Great for Our Large Breed Dogs..."
This harness was recommended to me by an animal behavioral specialist after we had huge problems with our two adult bull-mastiffs. They were out of control on walks and it was not fun. This helped a lot and gave us complete control which is really important when you're the owner of two big scary looking dogs.

- Effie (Detroit, MI)
"I Feel Like I Now Have a Normal Dog..."
 Our dog is a real leash puller. I'd often come back from walks and have to ice my shoulders because he pulls so much. I got this harness last week and was able to walk him for over an hour today with virtually no problems. I feel like I'm walking a normal dog lol. I enjoy the walks more and he seems more comfortable too.

- Abby (New England)
"This Tamed My Wild Little Puppy..."
I have a 50LB chocolate lab puppy who is a real nightmare to walk. He literally wants to pull and chase everyone we see. It's embarrassing and really stressful to say the least. He's now much better behaved thanks to this harness. It gives me much more control over him and I no longer have to dread our walks.

- Melissa Churcher (Boise, ID)
"Wow, What a Difference..."
I had heard about this harness from a few of my dog friends so I decided to give it a go. Happy to say this harness instantly changed the way my strong pit pulls at her collar. I can now take her for long (stress free!!) walks and not have to worry about having my arms ripped off. Wish I had found this sooner!

- Jenny B (Melbourne, Australia)
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